latitude/longitude values

(Pro v11.1 - sugarcloud)


For the accounts records within our crm, we have set an iFrame to return the Google map showing the location., {billing_address_city}, {billing_address_postalcode}, {billing_address_country}

This works okay and well enough, but we would like to add and record the latitude/longitude values within the system too. 

Is there a way we can get these?

Any help appreciated - Kind regards john

  • I don't believe there is anything out of the box to achieve this. What you are looking for is a Geocoding third party API to build an integration for your Sugar.

    I read in the past that someone had easily integrated Loqate for address validation and geocoding, of course they require a subscription.

    Google, TomTom, Bing and others have geocoding APIs, some free, some not.

    This is a relatively recent review of some free ones, I don't know anything about the reviewer or their reputation, so take it with a grain of salt.

    It will be interesting to see what people suggest in this forum and what their experience is with some of these tools.


  • Thanks Francesca - i'll keep researching and post back anything i find Thumbsup

  • Hi John,

    If your needs go a little bit farther, you should look into the wMaps plugin. It works with Bing instead of Google Maps but offers the same features + a couple more: 

    • Great control over the geocoding process
    • Dashlets for records & dashboards
    • Filter by distance from user's address/location
    • "nearby records"
    • Customize pins & bubble text

    The wMobile should port some of these features to the mobile applications (not the maps :( ) as dashlets are not mobile-compatible. 

    I'm currently evaluating the plugin for very specific needs. So far, it seems nice. 



    Damien Pochon

    CRM & Digital consultant @ ITS4U Group