Using fields from Cases module in EMail Templates


i'm using Professional v10. I need to create a template for sending cases notifications to customers., where i need to mention case number, name, and description in the email.
I can add to the template any field from Accounts/Contacts/Leads/Users , but cannot pick any field from other modules.
I know Cases will be available from v11, but i'm not going to upgrade for some time
What is the best way to achieve this? 

Any help will be appreciated! thank you

  • As you already know the ability to use fields from Cases in Email Templates was added in v11.

    In v6 and up I added case number and case name in the subject line using: 

    [CASE:{::future::Cases::case_number::}] {::future::Cases::name::} 

    And then inside the email we ask the customer to refer to the subject line for their case number.

    Not perfect, but it has worked for us for a while now.