Tracker sessions - Number of User Logins


I am looking to report on number of users that log in by day in Sugar Enterprise, v11. 

1, When I use the  Active User Sessions (Last 7 Days), it duplicates users if they logged in more than once.  Some show on the report 6-7 times.  Looking for a way to  eliminate duplicates inside the Sugar filters and not have to export, and refine, filter and graph in CSV.

2.  That same report above will not allow me "not" report on to user id's in Define Filters that relate to an integration that connects several times a day (upwards of a 100).  The define filters will not let exclude these two user(integrations) so the report has hundreds too many.  Is there another way under define filters to exclude certain users?



  • You can create a report from the ground and specify the filters as per request:

    Select summary report and then Tracker Sessions as the module.

    In the step "Define Filters" choose Tracker Sessions ->Date Start and set last 7 days, then choose Tracker Sessions -> Assigned to User -> User Name, set Is Not One Of and specify the users to exclude from report

    In the step "Define Group By" choose Tracker Sessions -> Day: Date Start and Tracker Sessions -> Assigned to User -> User Name

    In the step "Choose Display Summaries" choose Count

    In the step "Chart Options" choose Vertical Bar (Stacked)

    This is it

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