Target lists - removing multiple contacts

Is there a way to batch remove a list of contacts from a target list? 

The scenario is that a list of all contacts within a given filter criteria is created, and then users review the exported list to determine if any contacts should be emailed directly (as opposed to the mass-emailing with the campaign).  Now I need to REMOVE these individuals from the previously created list, however in the Target List view I can only view an additional few at a time to edit the list.

My current process is to go back to the filter in Contacts, "favorite" the individuals that need removed, and go back to the Target list and "view more contacts" to remove each individual person that is showing the star.  This is rather tedious, and I was hoping for a way to batch edit the original list.  Perhaps by creating a new list and then "remove all" from the original list?  But I can't seen to find anything about this in the Support section. 

  • Hi Ellen,

    Have you tried using a Suppression List? You can add the contacts to that list, and then add that list to the campaign and should basically do 

    Perhaps by creating a new list and then "remove all" from the original list? 

    There is more information about these lists here:

    I hope this helps! 

    Also, I'm going to move this question to the Enterprise & Professional as it is a product question, best suited in the Explore groups. 

    Alex Nassi
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  • Hello Ellen,

    As I remember, this is not the first time when we discuss how to employ Sugar in similar cases - here is the post about Contacts and Target Lists - 

    As we see from that discussion, the Sugar platform is flexible enough for providing required automation with no product development or Sugar code customizations - it is configurable by Sugar Admins with a Logic Builder no-code tool.

    Since I have access to the Logic Builder cloud tool (, I made some configuring and here are the outcomes:

    As you can see, once the configuration is activated, the user can perform the following:
    1. Apply a filter to the Contacts list ("list all CxOs") 
    2. Select some contacts to remove from MyTargetList
    3. Employ Mass Update to add Tag with name TL-MyTargetList to the selected contacts.
    Here in the tag's name MyTargtList is the name of the TargetList record.
    4. Confirm that selected contacts were represented in the MyTargetList, are removed from the MyTargetList successfully.

    Here is zip package that activates this behavior in Sugar
    Please feel free use it  - just to download and install it via Module Loader

    If you are interested to know how this solution is achieved - the automation is literally drawn with the Logic Builder tool (you may read the flowchart below by following the white line), then zip was generated with a click -  we believe this is the easiest way for Sugar Admins to make users happy about proper configuration.

    I hope this helps

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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