Is it Possible to Set Relationships With Existing Records Using Process Definitions?

I recently set up a custom module in order to track multiple addresses for our Accounts, and I'm looking for a way to associate Opportunities with Accounts through this custom module. There is a Many to One relationship between the Addresses and Accounts modules, a Many to One relationship between the Opportunities and Addresses modules, and the standard Many to One relationship between the Opportunities and Accounts modules.

I would like to set up a process so that when a user associates an Opportunity record with an Address record, it also sets the Opportunity's relationship with the Account record that the linked Address record is tied to. Is there a way to do this using Process Definitions, or has anyone done something similar to this before using a different method? I'm happy to expand more on what I'm trying to do if it's at all unclear. I appreciate any insight!

  • Hi Tim

    I'm not sure this is a good approach, let me explain:

    Opportunities has a 1:M relationship to Addresses, so do Accounts to Address.

    Once an user select an existing address through subpanel under Opportunities it is possible to, via LogiHook after_relationship_add to link Opportunity to the Account.

    But, as that relationship is an 1:M, the user is able to select some other Address linked to some other Account, so what would happen?

    Additionally, it is not a good idea to create an Opportunity not linked to an Account. It works, I know, but it does not follow best practices.


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  • Tim,
    What is the business task you are trying to serve by introducing custom associations?  Can you provide a use case example?

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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