I use SugarCRM through Google Chrome and the box with "Loading..." constantly appears.  Our sys admin has tried to get our sugar tech support people but I'm told it is being ignored.  When I google this problem it looks like it has been around since version 7.x or perhaps earlier.  What is going on?  How is it that people just put up with this obvious bug?  Am I missing something?  Is there an easy fix I can ask my IT people to implement?  I'm a user of the database, not a technical IT person so dumb it down for me please.  LOL

  • Hi Larry, 

    Unfortunately if clearing browser cache doesn't resolve the issue, it indicates that one or more requests on the page are not completing as expected and additional troubleshooting will be required. 

    If you can identify them, please provide the exact steps necessary to produce the error in your instance to the primary support contact at your SugarCRM Partner, MasterSolve. If you are familiar with the Chrome Developer Tools, capturing any errors in Console tab would also be helpful. 

    I will reach out to & the MasterSolve team to see if we can help expedite the resolution of this issue. 


  • FYI, I tried Microsoft Edge and I get the same results.

    Global Search for something.  In this example I searched for “Truck Hardware”


    Open one of the results.  In this example I clicked on the Company “Truck Hardware / Wilderness Vans”


    Scroll down and click on one of the modules.  In this example I clicked on Opportunities.


    Click on one of the opportunities.  In this example I clicked on “CMVSS Seat Tests”.


    Loading… is now forever present at the top of the screen.

    It looks like if you go to any of the top level sections (companies, contacts, leads, etc.) and refresh it goes away temporarily.


  • Thanks for tagging me, Dan.  Hey Larry, I'd be more than happy to help you figure this out.  Can you send me an email at adrian@mastersolve.com. If you include your best phone number, I'll give you a call.  With regards to this issue, I find that if I click on a link before the previous screen has fully loaded, it is normal that the loading pop up stays.  If you wait, and it takes longer than a few seconds to go away, or it just stays there, when you haven't clicked on anything it may be indicative that there's another issue.