Question regarding WebToLead form for campaigns

Hello everybody,

I never used this function and our customer asks me if it is possible to hide the parameters after sending a form. 

In fact, the values entered by the lead is displayed as query parameters in the url, and for the GDPR purposes it is not very safe.

Is there a standard way to hide those values ? Should I create a custom API to handle the requests ? 

Thanks a lot in advance.

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  • Hi Enes,

    That form is for legacy Campaigns module - Sugar Market landing pages is the modern solution.

    However, let me suggest another option
    Almost any website can send an email message to a dedicated email address on website form submitted and in case that works for your customer's website suggestion might be applicable.

    If send To or CC the SNIP service mailbox, an email message will go archived to Sugar automatically - on saving logic hook could be used to parse the message with webform data submitted and populate data into Sugar - not only to create lead but also to check for duplicates, relate the lead to account, etc  (we do not develop this population usually, instead use Logic Builder for Sugar to configure data population logic hook)

    This is a kind of safe integration between the public website and secured CRM



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    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • I would recommend to not to use the standard form and use the api instead