How to create a report with each login this week?

Good morning, 
I am working on tracking employee logins throughout the week. Is there a way to show a report that shows each individual login over a period of time? I.E. Bobby has logged in 3 times this week or Bobby logged in on these days this week. 

Thank you for your help,

Larisa Webb

  • Hi Larisa,

    In Sugar we have 4 modules called as Trackers, Tracker Performance, Tracker Sessions and Tracker Performances. Based on these modules we have few standard stock reports where you can track every activity of users in Sugar. we can track user activities and sessions through standard stock reports in Sugar. We have to two default reports called as

    1. Active User Sessions (Last 7 Days).

    2. User Sessions Summary (Last 7 Days).

    These two reports belongs to Tracker sessions modules. Please go through Tracker Reports  in SugarCRM. 

    Hope this Helps :)

  • Hi Larissa,

    One of the reasons this isn't quite so straightforward - if I log in at 9am, and then visit the CRM again in a few hours, it is quite likely my cookies have not expired, and I am "already" logged in - for the purposes of what your business values, is that visit expected to be considered a new log in? I know for some companies, they consider that second visit in the day another login, and it is non-trivial to identify that. Other odd ones are when someone wants to track when someone goes through a login page - which as you can imagine is easily abusable.

    The simplest scenario to track is where a company defines a login = a unique day the person has accessed the system. In that case, you can use Poojitha's advice by reviewing the tracker modules and stock reports. A tracker sessions grouped by day will show you each unique day that a user was accessing the system. 

    Good luck!