how to delete module after deploying it

I have a  module installed and deployed. The Uninstall and delete button is not visible in module loader. So, I am trying the steps through backend. can someone advise which all files are to be removed?

  • Hi 

    There are scenarios where some older versions of packages cannot be uninstalled from module loader. 

    To completely remove a module, you can remove the following three main folders, where most of the code is present:


    If you have created relationships with the module, then there might be files under


    But - in addition to these, there could also be subpanels that could be present under various other folders in custom/modules/.

    The best best is to search for all files with the name *MODULE_NAME*.php and remove them.

    On the Database side- you may have to remove the table (module_name), it's audit (module_name_audit) and it's cstm table (module_name_cstm). There could be relationship tables as well, which you may have to search the information_schema.

    There could be custom fields in fields_meta_data table if you have used studio to create those fields.

    Finally - you should do Quick Repair and Rebuild to clean off the cache. There could be some stragglers that you'll have to handle manually during that step, like removing some cache file, for example.

    If you face any issues in any of these steps, please let us know and the community can assist.

  • Remember to also delete the respective files at custom/Extension/application/Ext/Include and custom/Extension/application/Ext/Language.

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