I cannot launch an email through Sugar Connect Side Panel on the Quotes Module

I can launch an email in some, but not all modules when using Sugar Connect in Outlook, Office 365. It does work on leads and contacts. Any idea why? I would like to fix it.

  • Thank you for your response. Sorry for any lack of clarity but you are correct in your assumptions. I am viewing this Sugar Connect in the Outlook Desktop (We have Office 365 so it should be the latest version).

    When I click on the + it does nothing happens at all (so no email, just nothing).

    It does work on other Modules within Sugar Connect. For example, if I am in a Contact Module and click the +, it brings up an email in Outlook with the Contact in the “To:” field.

    Best regards,

    Erik Rose

  • Hi Erik,

    I'm not sure if I fully grasp what your question pertains to. Based on your screenshot, it appears you are looking at the subpanels of quote record viewed through Sugar Connect. Are you saying that when you click the + from the email subpanel, Sugar Connect does not bring up a new email to compose? If so, does clicking the + result in any behavior?

  • Thanks for confirming, Erik. I cannot speak specifically to the O365 Sugar Connect integration as I use GSuite. If I locate a quote in Sugar Connect and click the + from Emails subpanel, I am then presented with a blank email to compose. If you are not receiving that behavior in O365, I recommend creating a support case with Sugar Support to investigate whether this is a defect. 

    With that said, I don't think the GSuite functionality is a strong use case as emails archived via Sugar Connect natively leverage the email addresses in the email. Since the Quotes module doesn't have a direct relationship with email addresses, you would still need to use the 'Save With Options' functionality to manually search for the quote and relate the email. 

    An potential enhancement for the Quotes email functionality would be for the draft email to contain the email address of the contacts related to the quote (i.e. billing and shipping contact).