Quoting/Invoicing Process Needed - Excel to Sugar to Quickbooks

Using SugarCRM 7.2 - Professional.  Trying to figure out what is available as a process, whether it be from a third party or standard Sugar functionality.  Tools I think should be using - Excel & Quickbooks Plug-ins.

Early in sales process we tend to create a spreadsheet with various options or offers.  We reveiw it with them and make changes during the conversation to narrow it down to what they actually want to buy.  Once that is done we would like to import it into Sugar as a Quote with the relevant Quoted Line Items.

I think the Sugar/Quickbooks integration basically takes care of itself

The end result would be only needing to type in the line items once and be able to push that info from Excel into Sugar then push it into Quickbooks.

Is this possible or a pipe dream?

Relatively new to Sugar with no background in coding.  I'm a sales guy trying to help the company streamline our Sugar processes.  I know my way around Sugar fairly well but I'm no developer.

Any help is greatly appreciated.