Unconvert a Lead

I was stuck on this, then did it this way...  posting here hoping it helps you now :-)

First I did it via exporting the leads I wanted.  Then changed Converted from 1 to 0 for each row in my exported .csv.

However as the Leads import only needs 1 mandatory field to be mapped you can simply create a .csv (UTF8 Comma Seperated) with 2 headers:

Last Name & Converted:

Set Converted to 0 for each row.

Import. Done.

You could also add other Column Headers - for example Status as I expect you wish to change that to something else if you are reading this...  I plan to do that in my real one, first was just a test.

BUT - This will not affect any records created during the conversion process: Contact, Account, Opportunity - or any others you have configured in Convert Lead

This method will only affect the Lead.


See the Leads Import Notes for info on the name fields when importing:

Hope this helps though,