Module column layout align to left side

Hi All,

I have a new Sugarcrm 10 installation, but my record view look compact. both column align to left side, while right side all empty. How to align column in center.
Am i missing any settings ?

  • Sorry I don't have an answer but I've been trying to investigate this myself so you aren't alone!  I would love it if the width of the labels and fields could be expanded, then expand the two column layout to spread out further over the page.  

    In your example, there's no need for "Case Description" to be condensed with "..." when there's so much white space to the right side of the page.  I was thinking maybe it had something to do with anticipating users expanding the side panes and to not have to adjust the UI much.

    I am watching this, because I'd love it if there was a way to address this!

  • Hi

    I understand, this can be fixed in user settings. change in 'Field Name Placement:' in user profile,  can resolve this issue. 


  • Well, yes and no... 

    I still want the display to have labels to the left of the field names.  It keeps a cleaner UI.  It would just be nice if the width of the two column layout could be expanded across the entire screen, rather than being limited to 30% of the left side of the page for some reason.