How do I find out what field type Assigned To is?

I am currently mapping fields from SugarCRM (Professional) to Zoom Info so we can export data from ZoomInfo into Sugar. However, I need to determine what field type Assigned To is so I can properly map it. I'm assuming it is a Relate field, though does anyone know where I can find that information? I do not see it in Studio.

Also, it appears as though ZoomInfo does not map to Relate fields, which is an issue since I want the "Assigned To" field to automatically be filled in once my company's user(s) exports data from ZoomInfo to Sugar. Has anyone experienced something similar with the Assigned To field with a platform you were integrating with Sugar? If so, how did you work around this?

  • Hello Armena,

    Thank you so much for posting this question. Hope you are staying safe and well.
    We are planning to integrate with Zoominfo as well. We also encounter the same issue. Was your problem resolved by Zoominfo's support? 


  • assigned_user_id is a relate Users field with label 'Assigned to'. It contains the id of the assigned user which is a char36 uuid value like '7f826dd0-dbd4-11ea-b3b0-025041000001' or '1' for the admin (except in demo instances where we have 'seed_jim_id' and such values).

    In the UI you see the field assigned_user_name which is calculated on load with the full name of the related user.

    If you hover over the user name in UI you see a link referring module Employees (which is just an alias for module Users) and the value of the id which is shown after record= in the link.

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