How can I report on the Product Catalog?

Hi All,

Just want to know if is there any way to enable Product Catalog module in Reports.

On checking it in core code it seems there's no upgrade safe way to do so as SugarCRM by default not allow to create report for Product Catalog module.
  • create a new file:

    and add the line
    $additionalModules[] = 'ProductTemplates';

    fields can be defined as 'reportable' in


  • Thanks Editha for your response.

    Have tried by adding entry for

    $additionalModules[] = 'ProductTemplates'; in following file


    It's picking it and Product catalog is visible in reports now.

    Was facing this issue in previous version mostly(7.0.5).

    Have upgraded to 7.1.5 now and I think it has fixed the issue.

  • To add the modules ProspectLists, CampaignTracker and ProductTemplates to the list of reportable modules just create a file custom/modules/Reports/metadata/reportmoduledefs.php with the following code (or add it to existing file):

    //add  Prospectlists

    $additionalModules[] = 'ProspectLists';

    foreach ($exemptModules as $k => $v)

       if ($v=='ProspectLists')


    //add CampaignTrackers

    $additionalModules[] = 'CampaignTrackers';

    foreach ($exemptModules as $k => $v)

       if ($v=='CampaignTrackers')


    //add  ProductTemplates

    $additionalModules[] = 'ProductTemplates';

    foreach ($exemptModules as $k => $v)

       if ($v=='ProductTemplates')


  • The product catalog is now available for reporting from Summer 2018 release (Version 8.1 on the cloud) onwards. On prem customers will have this feature available from Version 9.0. 

  • Hi Harald,

    I'm leaving the below message just for information, but I now have it working.

    I hadn't formed the .php file with a php header so it wasn't picking up the code correctly.   (<?php needed adding at the top)

    Thanks for your solution

    I'm trying your method with the exempt loop but it is not working.

    Initially I used another recommendation to comment out the ProspectLists module from the exempt list in the core file, and this worked to bring Target Lists module into Reports, but to make it upgrade safe I prefer the custom approach.

    I think there may be a miss-spelling in your original post ?

    "To add the modules ProspectLists, CampaignTracker and ProductTemplates to the list of reportable modules just create a file custom/modules/Reports/metadata/reportmoduledefs.php with the following code (or add it to existing file):"


    should read reportmodulesdefs.php


    However, with either spelling it is not working for me - Target Lists not showing up after this mod and QRR

    Version is 8.03 on premise in Windows and MS SQL platform

    Here is my custom file in <instance>\custom\modules\Reports\metadata\reportmodulesdefs.php

    // Customise the reports module

    // add Target Lists as reportable module
    // Note - base exempt modules are defined in : modules/Reports/metadata/reportmodulesdefs.php

    $additionalModules[] = 'ProspectLists';
    foreach ($exemptModules as $k => $v)

    if ($v=='ProspectLists')


    I'm assuming I don't need to bring in the original exempt list from the core file as otherwise I could bring that in an simply comment out the ProspectLists line



  • I just installed the old installable from 2015 in an 8.0.3 installation and everything workes fine.

    When I create  a new Report based on Campaigns it shows the "prospectlists"  module in the selection box:

    I'll try to add my installable which I extended to be installable in 7.x until 9.x

  • Hi Harald,

    I’ve just updated my comment on Community as I’d overlooked the php header line in the custom file.

    Everything working OK now.

    Thanks !!


  • See amended previous post Harald - I'd missed the php header line.

    Working now - thanks