Product Category in Quotes PDF

I'm trying to add Product Categories to a Quote stored in the Quotes module but so far, I've not been able to do this. I had a suggestion from someone to create a field with a calculated value but I'm not to sure how to create the formula. Has anyone got any thoughts on this or a better way of doing this?

Thanks in advance


  • In Enterprise, I successfully did the following:

    1. Navigate to Admin > Studio > Quoted Line Items > Fields

    2. Click 'Add Field' to create a new field

       DataType: Textfield

       Field Name: category (will become category_c after save)

       Calculated Value: checked

          Formula: related($product_categories_link,"name")

    3. Click 'Save' to create the field.

    4. Navigate to Admin > Studio > Quoted Line Items > Layouts > Record View

    5. Add the field to the layout

    6. Click 'Save & Deploy' to apply the new layout.

    7. Navigate to a Quoted Line Item record

    8. Edit and Save to update the calculated field

    Result: The category field populates with the name of the Category.

    9. Navigate to Admin > PDF Manager

    10. Open 'Quote'

    11. Copy 'Quote' to create 'Quote - ProdCat'

    12. Edit 'Quote - ProdCat'

    13. Add $product.category_c to the template inside the product loop.


    14. Save these changes

    15. Navigate to a Quote

    16. Download the PDF to confirm desired result.

  • Thank you Patrick for your help, sorry for the delay responding, I didn't see your reply