Can I bulk delete duplicated accounts in sugar6.5.4

I imported a list using Account IDs to update some Account details. Unfortunately a new list of similar accounts was created and I need to remove this duplicate now. Please advise if there is a bulk Account delete function for this? I am able to retrieve this list using date created and user name.  Thank you.

  • Hi Janis,

    Assuming you wish to delete all records from your original import file, I would recommend copying the original import file, removing all columns except "Name" & "ID", add a new column titled "Deleted" and set this to 1 for all rows.

    Then import the file selecting the "Create new records and update existing records" option during the import. Make sure all 3 columns are mapped to appropriate Sugar field name and the records will be marked as deleted upon import completion.


    Daniel Godwin

  • Hi Daniel,

    I am really thankful for this quick tip. It works!

    Thank you so much!