How can I enable Activity Streams for custom modules?

How can I enable the activity stream for custom modules?  This is meant to be a feature for Enterprise and upwards.

Cheers Andy
  • Hello Andy,

    Using the steps below, I was able to enable the Activity Stream for a custom module I created and deployed in Module Builder:

    1. In your SugarCRM file system, navigate to ./custom/Extension/modules/<Custom Module>/Ext/Vardefs/
      *The <Custom Module> value should be replaced with the full module name.  This includes the Package Key and the Module Name value, found in Module Builder.
      *If you haven't created or edited any fields in Studio, you will need to create the directories presented.  If you do create these directories, ensure they have the correct ownership and permissions before proceeding.

    2. Create a new file, titled something like: 'activity_enabled.php'
    3. In this file, add the following code:
    <?php    $dictionary['<Custom Module>']['activity_enabled']=true;  ?>
      *Here you'll need to replace <Custom Module> with the same value as step 1.

    4. Save your changes to this file, then return to SugarCRM in your web browser.
    5. Login as an Administrator user and navigate to Admin > Repair.
    6. Click the 'Quick Repair and Rebuild' option.

    Once the Quick Repair and Rebuild is completed, navigate to the ListView of your custom module.  The Activity Stream button will now be enabled.  

    Because we made these changes in the ./custom directory, they'll be upgrade safe, so you don't have to worry about the changes reverting when you upgrade your Sugar 7 version.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Kind regards,

    Dan Kallish
    SugarCRM Technical Support
  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the above while this works kind of... we then encountered a number of issues.
    1. Modules not enabled by default/custom modules do not have the relationship to activity's and will therefore show nothing on there direct activity stream.  In the above example linking "Actstremtest" to an Account you would see the activity in the "Home Page Activity Stream", on the "Accounts Activity Stream" but not on the "Actstremtests Activity Stream".
    2. Modules with unified search disabled, no relevant field enabled for unified search or not indexed cannot be found using the #reference method.
    3. Issue with bad indexs preventing record tags search from being returned; If a module is indexed but does not have a name field included this with prevent any activity tag searches from being returned!  Once this is corrected the ES index must be deleted or the issue will persists.
    All of the above can be resolved through custom vardefs.

    As in my original post I thought this was menat to be distinguishing feature for Enterprise and upwards.  Are there plans to enhance this area, making it more accessible (i.e. for non developers) with wizards ect for configuration?

  • Hi Andy,

    Would you be able to tell me these custom vardefs to fix these issues?

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