Product Currency Amounts Updating on Currency Change (V9.0.2)

Hi all.

Just looking for some assistance to see if this is how the system should work or if anyone else has had this and has any ideas.

So the scenario in question is the following with the assumption that USD conversion is 1.2x

1) Opportunity is created (No revenue lines)

2) Quote is created in USD and a single product line of $120 is added.

3) Total of quote is currently $120 (£100)

4) Update the currency in the admin section to become 1.3x

5) Total of quote stays as $120 however the product lines reflect the change and are now showing as $130, so there is a discrepancy in the amounts of the quote and the individual items.

This is fine prior to the quote closing, but when the quote hits Closed Accepted, the products should never update as the price sold would be come incorrect on currency change.

Does anyone have any experience of this at all?

Thank you,