Slow Export from ListView. Fast from Reports

Hi, we have a customer who hosts 8.0.3 on-site.

Exporting 20 records from a list-view takes 1-minute.

Exporting 600 from the same module (and with every column in the view) takes <1 second.

Any ideas what could be causing the performance drop?

Thanks, James.

  • Hi James Banbury,

    Off the cuff, my first thought is that the queries of the user's ACLs to determine if they are allowed to export each record could be the cause of the slowdown. This would mean an administrator, though, might have much faster performance exporting the same ListView set of records.

    Alternatively, while you might have included every reportable column in the report, there might be non-reportable, or strictly backend, fields that come through from the ListView export that are not being included in the report.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Patrick, 

    Thanks for your input - some valid points.

    Would the ACL check not also apply to the report too? (I guess the ACL check is done prior to the report showing on the screen which is why the report export function is super fast).

    It might also be worth mentioning, I've tested this with an Administrator account so in theory, the query shouldn't include the permissions.

    I'll check now to see if the SQL query is hanging on the DB while I export from ListView...

    Thanks, James.