How do I adjust the Subpanel ratio/% ?

Hi Team,

I am wondering how I can adjust the ratio or % of the subpanels in my modules? E.g in Leads we have notes, emails etc and although have only 4 fields that are showing they are all at different widths causing it to look inconsistent

  • Hi Peter Pavisic,

    Here is the documentation for 9.0 describing column resizing in the Leads module section.

    The functionality is the same in all modules for ListView and Subpanels.

    I hope this helps!

  • Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the documentation however it doesnt seem to work for me. If I just drag the columns in the list view they change but then when I navigate to a different page and come back, the widths are all different again. I have even tried to ammend the width size in studio but the sizes never seem to change. Essentially I want to size them so the horizontal scroll bar disappears as I can easily fit my columns in Modules/Subpanels however they keep defaulting to a size that brings the horizontal scroller up.