Creating quotes in multiple currencies with SugarCRM 7.9.x

Is anyone using the quotes module in SugarCRM 7.9.x with multiple currencies?

The new module that came in with 7.9 seems to be very buggy and we have hit a few issues that mean we cannot upgrade. The main problem relates to the currency used for quoted line items, in 7.9 it is *always* your base system currency (in our case GBP). The end result is that when you create a quote to send to a customer the line items are in one currency, the subtotal and grand total are in the selected quote currency - so all in all, very confusing!

There are some bugs that relate to this that don't seem to be being addressed anytime soon:

Can anyone offer any advice or experience?

  • Hi Steve Thompson 

    Quotes module in sidecar (7.9) always try to replicate to Items and Product Bundles the currency selected in the Quote.

    By coding you can skip this behaviour and, eventually, you can add some awesome feature which automatically manage Product Bundles based on currency selected on an Item.

    Let me explain: by coding some js layouts and views the GRID can identify the currency selected in an Item added into default Bundle and then create a custom Bundle whose name follow this specificy currency, set up its currency accordingly and then move the Item from default Bundle to the new one.

    This way your Quote is expressed in any Currency and it may have several Bundle Products, each one expressed in a different Currency, each one with their own Items.

    If hope it make itself useful for you. We implemented features similar to that twice.

    Kind regards

    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
    Skype: andre.lampada
  • Hi André,

    The issue we have found is that the QLI's do not replicate the currency in the quote, instead they will reflect the currency specified in the product catalog. The currency field in the quote affects the subtotal, discount and grand total, but not the line items.

    I would like more details on what you have implemented, because I might be able to use a similar approach to fix the issue we have. Can you share any of your modifications?


  • Feel free to ping me on skype ( andre.lampada ).


    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
    Skype: andre.lampada
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  • Hi Steve, as you may found in the meantime this problem goes much deeper and is related to everything which have to do with a true mutli currency management, in other words you will find this problem in Opportunities, and Revenue Line Items as well as in Forcast and the related Reports. We have faced this problem years ago and waiting since that this problem is going to be fixed - the hope dies last. In the end we had our partner to develop a fx for this problem which we since move from one version to the next. This answer does not help right away but may help to raise the prioroty to get this problem solved.

  • hi
    Did the fix continue to work for you?
    If so, are you able to share the fix or point us - and Sugar support ;-) - in the right direction please?

    CRM Business Consultant