Mass delete opted-out records

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I'm using Sugar 8.X as an on-demand instance, connected to MailChimp via SugarChimp.

Following the new data protection regulations, we have a lot of old leads as well as a massive amount of people whom I needed to unsubscribe because I didn't have a compliant opt-in.

Both of them are going to be displayed as "opted-out" in SugarCRM. Is there any way I can filter these records out in order to mass delete them from our CRM instance completely? I already looked under available filters for the search menu but there seems to be no filter option for this.

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  • Nicolas

    You are on the right track with the report option. 

    Create a summation report as follows.

    Name: Leads opted out reportType: Summation Report
    Modules: Leads, Leads > Email AddressTeams: Global (Primary)
    Display Columns:Assigned to: Administrator
    Group By: Opted OutSummary Columns: Opted Out, Count
    Schedule: None
    Filters: None

    Instead of Opt out in the filters, put that as "Group by" in a summation report. Make sure to include a chart. 

    Run the report. 

    Now you will see a chart with two bars - Opted out and Not Opted Out with number of leads as count. 

    Click on the bar that says Opted out = Yes

    You will see a drawer with all the leads that have an opted out email. 

    Now select all records and perform a mass delete, as you would do on a list view. 

    The leads will be deleted. 

    Note: Erase is a new function that we had added in the Spring release (April '18) which completely erases all data from the DB. Mass erase is something we have on our roadmap. 

    Since this is not a data subject request, you should be OK with Mass delete as explained above. 

    If you would like to use mass erase as opposed to mass delete, there are technical solutions also available using API's. If interested, we could post them here. 

    Let us know if the above works for you. 


    Deepak Deolalikar

    Senior Director Product Management