Version 7.9 Released!

We are pleased to announce that version 7.9 is now available for all commercial editions!

This release will significantly benefit customers running all commercial editions with following updates:

The Quotes module now uses the Sidecar user interface and includes:

  • Drag-and-drop line reordering, allowing users to easily arrange comments and quoted line items on the quote worksheet.
  • The ability to perform mass actions on multiple line items and comments to add them to a new group or remove them via mass delete.
  • The ability to search the product catalog by category and type in addition to name.
  • Optional groups, making groups no longer required for quoted line items and providing the ability to add line items and comments outside of a group.
  • The ability to save Quote PDFs from the related account or opportunity's Quotes subpanel as well as from the quote's record view.
  • Smarter relate fields, hiding inactive tax rates and inactive shipping providers from their respective fields on the quote record.
  • Sugar Logic, adding calculated fields in the quotes module.

Quotes Sidecar

The Reports list view now uses the Sidecar user interface

  • The "Description" and "Tags" fields are also now available and can be accessed via the list view
Reports Sidecar

Global Search has been updated to include support for the following operators:

  • "AND"
  • "OR"
  • "NOT"

The Help link in Sugar's footer now opens the help pane which provides a brief introduction to the current Sidecar module as well as various learning resource links (e.g. Documentation & Support) and the Sugar 7 tour link.

  • The "Support" and "Tour" links in Sugar's footer have been moved to the help pane.

This release also includes the following updates to Advanced Workflow for customers running our Enterprise and Ultimate Editions:

  • Built-in validation for date calculations.
  • Criteria can now be re-arranged or inserted in Advanced Workflow evaluation windows.
  • New text field comparators have been added ("contains", "starts with", and "ends with")
  • Start events can now be triggered by a field changing or a field changing to or from a specified value.
  • Created-by and modified-by users are now available for Change Field and Add Related Record actions.
  • Advanced Workflow modules have more descriptive labels and flexible options for editing criteria in process definitions.

Developers: Please review the Development Changes sections of the Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional Release Notes to learn more about changes that could affect integrations and custom development, including the Prepared Statements, PHP 7 Compatibility, and Library Updates.

Please review our release notes for the new versions using the following links to learn more about the new features available, as well as the variety of fixes to address bugs identified in prior releases:

7.9 will support upgrades from,,, on all supported platforms. Customers hosted in our On-Demand environment will receive further communication regarding their automatic upgrades shortly. Customers hosting their Sugar instance on their own servers can review the installation and upgrade instructions for these releases, found at the following links:

Sugar 7.9 is compatible and supported for new installations and upgrades for customers running a MySQL, DB2, Oracle, or MSSQL stack. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported configurations. Changes to supported platforms include:

  • Added support for MySQL 5.7 New
  • Updated versions of Firefox and Chrome Updated
  • Removed support for ElasticSearch 1.4.4 Updated
  • Removed support for Apache 2.2 Updated
  • Removed support for IIS 8.0 Updated
  • Removed support for Windows Server 2012 Updated
  • Removed support for Oracle 11g R2 Updated
  • Removed support for Safari 9 Updated

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