Introducing Sugar Discover

Today, we are excited to announce that Sugar Discover is generally available to customers!

Sugar Discover Overview

Sugar Discover unlocks the true value of your CRM by automatically monitoring performance across your key business metrics, surfacing deep insights into the factors impacting those metrics and empowering you to make more timely, data-driven decisions.

Learn more about Sugar Discover (and our recent Sugar Connect release) from Chief Product Officer, Rich Green, in the video below:

Key Features 

Immediate Insight Into Sales Performance

Sugar Discover is a purpose-built analytics solution for SugarCRM, providing immediate insight into sales performance, without the need for complicated setup and integration. It comes with an extensive, out-of-the-box set of high- value metrics and analytics to track trends in sales velocity, conversion rates, pipeline generation, and much more.

Automate Your Analytics

Sugar Discover continuously tracks and analyzes your key sales metrics, automatically surfacing what’s important now so you are always in-the-know when key metrics trend significantly above or below target or break from historical patterns.

Quickly Get to the Root Cause

Unlike general-purpose BI tools, Sugar Discover provides an augmented analytics experience through Discovery Insights - related facts and patterns that are dynamically generated as you explore data - helping you quickly identify root causes and take action.

Historical Context, No Spreadsheets Required

Powered by a high-performance analytics engine that automatically tracks changes in opportunities over time, Sugar Discover makes it simple to visualize historical trends of performance metrics, compare current and past performance, perform cohort analysis, and many other use cases that typically involve cutting-and-pasting snapshots of data into spreadsheets.

Analytics Made Easy

Sugar Discover empowers all users, regardless of technical skill level, to make data-driven decisions using:

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop report design
  • Simple, yet powerful filtering capabilities
  • Discovery Insights to augment exploration surfacing significant differences or trends 
  • Calculated fields to create custom metrics

Who can use Sugar Discover? 

To purchase Sugar Discover, customers must also be Sugar Sell, Ultimate, Enterprise, or Professional customers running a US-hosted SugarCloud instance. Please review the Supported Platforms for additional details.

Learn more about Sugar Discover

Learn more about Sugar Discover by reading through the guides below and watch the video to see Sugar Discover in action:

Contact your Account Representative or Sugar Partner for a demo of Sugar Discover today.