Customer Journey Plug-in 4.4.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce that version 4.4 of the Customer Journey Plug-in is now available!

This release addresses bugs identified in prior releases and improved functionality. Some highlights include:

  • Customer Journey templates are now created from a single design view with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities for reordering stages and activities.
  • Admins can now import Customer Journey templates including all related stages and activities via the actions menu in the Customer Journey Templates module tab. Import can be used to upload new templates or update existing templates that have been edited in another instance.
  • The Customer Journey dashlet can now be added to the Customer Journey module's intelligence pane.
  • A new set of Customer Journey demo templates are included with this version. The new templates apply real-world use case scenarios and demonstrate a more diverse sampling of journey activities.
  • The "Days From Stage Started" and "Days From Previous Activity Completed" options are now available for Meeting and Call activities' start dates (Previously available only for Task activities).
  • Admins can enable or disable templates via the list-view mass actions menu.
  • When starting a journey, the Customer Journey panel will now automatically expand if it was previously closed.
  • A quick-preview action has been added to the activities in the Customer Journey panel.

More information on the Customer Journey Plug-in 4.4.0, including the release notes, supported platforms, user guide, admin guide, and the installation guide can be found on the Installable Connectors page.

Customer Journey Plug-in 4.4.0 can be downloaded through SugarExchange.

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