Improve Your Sales Communications with’ Last Activity Package

Looking to enhance your workflow and optimize relationships with potential leads and clients? With’ Last Activity package, keeping track of customer interactions has never been easier.

The SugarCRM add-on allows you to see when a CRM lead, contact, target or account was last communicated with via call, email or meeting. Customer service and sales teams will benefit from a real-time overview, giving them automatic insights into engagement history. Plus, you’re saving valuable time in your work day by eliminating the need for manual data entry and complex formulas.

How it works

On your Sugar records, you will find 4 new fields on your Last Activity Summary panel (Last Activity, Last Email, Last Call and Last Meeting). These fields will update automatically once your record is saved or a related activity record is updated and/or linked.

The Last Activity field will calculate and display the most recent activity of any type, so you can immediately see when a client was last contacted without having to search.

Reporting features

Aside from viewing your client’s most recent activity, the plug-in allows you to run reports to outline which contacts haven’t seen any activity in a certain timeframe.

For example, your sales team could run a report to determine which leads haven’t seen any activity in the last 3 days. From there, they can reach out to these highlighted leads and provide some much-needed service.

You can even go that extra mile and set up notifications to alert your sales team that a lead hasn’t been contacted in a while. With reminders notifying the right members of staff, a lead will never go forgotten!

Install the Last Activity package by on the SugarOutfitters marketplace to transform the way your sales team operates. Or, contact for more information and assistance.

Watch enable’s full video for a rundown of the Last Activity add-on.