Just Released: #RavingFans - New Point System and REWARDS!

#RavingFans is now live on SugarClub!

#RavingFans is our way to celebrate YOU, your contributions to SugarClub, and your participation in Sugar programs. Starting today, we are introducing new ways to show the world you’re a #RAVINGFAN of Sugar:

  • New SugarClub badges and tiers!
    • Earn badges and points in new ways, including event participation, Club activity, advocacy opportunities, and other surprises along the way.
  • New point calculations for SugarClub activity!
    • Earn points for the interactions that make SugarClub a valuable source of information and interaction for you and other Club members. Make sure you're logged into SugarClub earn your points!
  • New marketplace for Sugar customers!
    • As you level up to new rewards tiers, you’ll be able to select items from our new marketplace, including Sugar swag, training, and more. Keep an eye out for more reward options coming soon!

Over the years, thousands of SugarClub members have helped form this community for Sugar users to work alongside their peers, and we at SugarCRM cannot thank you enough for the support! As this is a new rewards program, all SugarClub members' points have been reset to 0 and we look forward to seeing everyone ascend the leaderboards and work toward these new rewards!

We’re so excited to be able to recognize you and your achievements and, as always, welcome any feedback on this program (comment below or email sugarclub@sugarcrm.com if you’d prefer).

Thank you for being a SugarClub member!