Top 10 Reasons to attend SugarWest Canada 2020

We’re excited to announce SugarWest 2020!  We were originally about to announce our CRM Learning Roadshow across Western Canada in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.  However, with the precautionary measures in place across Canada we’ve decided to postpone the in-person events and launch our online webinar that we’ll be using as a spring board into the in-person events later in the year.

You can sign up for the SugarWest Online Webinar here.

The format for our in-person events will be a bit unique in how we deliver these events.  We're not just doing a presentation about the latest and greatest (and upcoming) products to Sugar.  We will be giving the attendees an interactive and hands on experience with Sugar themselves.  Using a classroom style event space we will be engaging with both clients and even prospective clients.  Attendees will get hands on experience walking through unique stories from a marketing, sales and service perspective.  They will get to try everything from Sugar Hint, to SugarBPM, to Renewals Console and Service Console.  They are going to see the game changing solutions in real time.

Our online version will be a 90-minute in-depth review of case studies on how Sugar is being used as well as an over of the SugarCRM Roadmap presented by Chris O’Connell of SugarCRM.

These past two weeks I've been sharing the Top 10 Reasons to attend SugarWest and here they are:

#1 - You want to know what SugarCRM has coming in 2020

The newest, the shiniest and the most exciting features of 2020 are what get us excited about Sugar every year. This year is no different and there are a lot of cool new products coming including a brand new integration tool from Sugar that will make integrating systems easier than ever before. There are also a ton of new enhancements coming in 2020 for the entire Sugar suite of products including Sell, Serve, Market, Connect, Hint, Discover and other new add-on’s.

#2 - You want a no touch CRM – no more data entry

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to enter data into your CRM again? One of SugarCRM’s four pillars is no touch CRM. It’s also our #2 reason: You want a no touch CRM. Yes, you’re not likely ever getting away from entering some things into your CRM but imagine that you had to put more information than you received when putting into a Google search. Sugar is on a mission to create a CRM solution that provides you with more value than what you have to enter into it yourself.

#3 - You want to have instant access to prospect info

The focus on sales today must be on the client themselves. There’s no more “spray and pray” that can be done. We need to be more focused on our efforts and we need to let the tools, like our CRM, drive more efficiencies for us. At SugarWest we’ll be test driving Sugar Hint and running through scenarios to show you how Sugar Hint can accelerate how you close deals faster.

#4 - You want to see what new innovations are coming

At #4, it’s all about innovation. In the past few years there’s been a shift from just being about “CRM” or customer relationship management but more so towards the full customer experience. Innovations that providers are coming up with are making it so much easier for not only sales reps to input information but also for customers to get the right experience at the right time.

#5 - You want hands on training

The #1 thing we hear from our clients is that they want more training. In the fall of 2019, we did a survey of clients across Western Canada and this was one of the most important requests that we’ve had from the survey. Hands on training with break out sessions is what asked for and it is what we are delivering.

#6 - You want to learn more about SugarCRM

Curious about Sugar?  What about the NEW Sugar?  At #6, there is a strong desire for our clients and prospects to find out what Sugar is about and what it can do for their organizations.  We will be working through the roadmap and learning more and more about what type of incredible impact Sugar can have on your organization.

#7 - You want to automate processes in your business

Automation is the wholly grail of CRM existence. If you want to automate processes in your business, then you need to attend SugarWest this year so you can see how automation is changing the way businesses execute incredible customer experiences every day.

#8 - You want to get the right marketing messages to the right people

At SugarWest we are going to be talking about several solutions that are shaping the way the customer experience is evolving. As a consumer, you’ve probably noticed that there is a lot of noise when it comes to marketing messages coming your way on a daily basis. Marketing automation is the key to getting the right marketing messages to the right people because it uses data that you, the consumer or user, are collecting and sharing with providers.

#9 - You want to know what it CX / Customer Experience means

CX. Customer Experience. These are the latest buzzwords around the block when it comes to technology. What does it really mean though? I think it’s simple. It’s creating a compelling reason for your customers to do and to keep doing business with you. The whole end to end experience is what we’re after and it’s an important aspect that many organizations haven’t successfully integrated into their organizations yet.

#10 - You want to learn about the latest cloud innovations

2019 was an exciting year for SugarCRM as they added a whole suite of new products including Sugar Connect, Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve and Sugar Discover. All of these products address some of the greatest needs of organizations including business intelligence, marketing automation, sales automation, customer help desk and enhanced email productivity suites.

You can see the full blog posts on our website here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you attend ourOnline Webinar as well as our in-person events to be scheduled later this year.