How to create activities in SugarCRM ? Timeline Dashlet

One of the core benefits of all CRM is to offer 360 view of customers. This can of course include all opportunities, past or ongoing, and even products sold. But 360 view starts by knowing all the interactions or actions of a customer. This is what most CRM call activities and includes emails, calls, meetings, notes. This is usually available under one panel for quick view. SugarCRM takes a different approach and splits all activity types into their own modules. So SugarCRM has calls, meetings, emails, tasks and notes modules, which has its own advantage.

But SugarCRM users often ask where can they see all interactions displayed into one list?

Now, with the Timeline dashlet, SugarCRM has answered that. This new dashlet provides an easy 360 view of all recent activities. It is not brand new, as it is a revamp of the interactions dashlet available since version 11, but still an improvement.


This dashlet can be used in the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Quotes module, and is available on the renewal console dashboard.

This dashlet can be used to directly create new activities, by using the   icon.

And in conjunction with the focus drawers can offer an very user friendly tool for 360 customer view.