Automatic lead Generation with Email-to-Lead & anything

A few years back, converting incoming emails directly into leads would seem impossible. Fortunately, there is a simple way to do that now. For those who use SugarCRM for data management then I have an automated email to lead the process for you.

Here allow me to share a ready-to-use solution that can automate major steps involved in the lead generation process. Setting up will only be a matter of time and after that, you can instantly start lead generation. One thing is for sure, if you perfectly implement the strategy then you will witness amazing CRM ROI (Return on Investment). Let’s see how email to lead works and how it can assist your sales growth.

  • This extension will parse all the emails and automatically extract the relevant information from the entire email.
  • With the help of predefined tokens and field mappers, you can accurately create new records in any SugarCRM module. Apart from that, it works in every module whether it’s a custom or core module.
  • You can set any targeted module including but not limited to Leads, Cases, Opportunities, etc.
  • As soon as a new record gets created in CRM, you will receive a notification about the same.
  • You can also avoid creating duplicate entries based on the email subject or phone number, as per your need.

How can it help in the process of nurturing leads?

One of the major issues faced by the sales and marketing team is duplicate leads in their database. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to sort out these duplicate leads in the database. However, if you are using the lead generation plugin then you don’t need to worry about that issue at all. The SugarCRM Email to Lead extension is smart enough in identifying the duplicate leads by reading their email address and subject line. If it finds any recurring email then it will automatically attach it to the previous record in CRM software.