Sugar Connect - Seamlessly Sync SugarCRM with G Suite and Office 365

Email plays a major role in business communication. As inboxes are flooded with emails, it’s important to stay organized, maintain records and streamline communication with customers. 

Wouldn’t it be great to embed your CRM software within G Suite and Office 365 and conduct all your customer-related activities through a single platform? 

Now you can. SugarCRM has introduced Sugar Connect to provide critical information about all your customers while you are communicating with them. Sugar Connect lets you work more efficiently, bring key customer activities into Gmail and Office 365 and make customers for life.  

Let's get started to learn more about Sugar Connect and how it will benefit your business. 

What is Sugar Connect?

Sugar Connect seamlessly synchronizes G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 with Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Pro, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve. This enhances the functionality of Sugar and allows users to incorporate emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts into a unified view and easily access all the data from a single platform. 

Features and Benefits of Sugar Connect

Make the Most of Your Inbox with Sugar

Be it any business function, email plays a crucial role in managing tasks and streamlining communication with employees across the company, the customers and other stakeholders.

Sugar Connect lets you do exactly that so you can have all the relevant information about customers in your inbox with just a click. No need to switch apps or leave your inbox to get to know a customer, as Sugar Connect provides a complete context of your interactions with them. 

Remove Clutter by Easily Archiving Emails

For a business to be efficient and drive high profits, it’s important for the employees to stay organized and remove clutter. 

As Sugar Connect allows you to connect G Suite and Office 365 to Sugar, this makes it quite easy to archive emails by automatically syncing your inbox with the contacts or accounts in Sugar. This ensures that you have the communication history of different clients readily at hand. 

Sync Events Across Different Calendars and Platforms

Cut down the hassle of maintaining separate calendars in Google, Outlook, and Sugar. With Sugar Connect, you can easily synchronize events across calendars and simplify the scheduling process to save time. Rather than switching between different software, you can schedule meetings and configure fields with your Sugar database. 

Get Contextual Information About Customers 

Streamline the customer management process and expand your customer database with bi-directional synchronization between Sugar and Gmail or Outlook 365. As a result, you can communicate with your customers clearly and with more information. 

Eliminate Data Entry

Sugar Connect allows users to leverage "no-touch" sync which is automatic and easy. As a result, you won’t have to manually enter customer information or update records. This ensures that all records are updated automatically, enabling users to deliver personalized solutions and save time. 

Get a 360-Degree Customer View

To develop meaningful customer relationships, it’s important to gain a 360-degree view of your customers. Sugar Connect gives you a competitive edge by providing accurate customer records and complete visibility in different Sugar modules directly from Office 365 or G Suite. 

Personalized User Experience

Sugar Connect provides actionable insights based on your communication with people from G Suite or Office 365. Hence, you can enjoy a personalized user experience by getting all the information based on whom you are emailing, the content, and when you are sending or receiving an email. 

The Bottom Line

Sugar Connect is your best bet to boost CRM productivity. It allows users to keep accurate and complete customer records by seamlessly syncing your G Suite or Office 365 with Sugar. While you can leverage Sugar integration with Gmail and Office 365, Sugar Connect provides a seamless end-to-end solution to embed your CRM within these commonly used business applications. 

  • I feel the comment to sync events across different calendars is misleading.  We are currently seeing issues that unless the user creates the meeting then it does not sync with sugar.  I.e. if the customer sends the request and you accept that email only shows up in your outlook calendar, not Sugar.  Thus causing even more confusion.  It would be great if this functionality could be fixed!