How to Scale Your Business Faster with Aircall + SugarCRM

Advancements in technology, such as cloud phone systems, have forced valuable and distinct changes in the way businesses work – especially in sales and customer support.

At the same time, while digital tools help you streamline your business practices, it’s vital to maintain the human connection. This is a great reason to consider switching to a cloud-based phone system, like Aircall, to increase productivity and have more conversations.

Aircall seamlessly integrates with Sugar enabling your team to:

  1. Save up to 2 minutes per call with built-in Click to Dial and Power Dialer functionality.
  2. Record calls to help confirm details, monitor quality, and guide training sessions.
  3. Monitor live calls and secretly speak to teammates to provide timely advice with Call Whispering.
  4. View a live analytics feed to get a real-time perspective of team activity.
  5. And much more all at a predictable, monthly fixed price!

In a recent Lunch & Learn, Aircall, SugarCRM, and BrainSell discussed how Aircall – connected with your CRM – can help drive faster growth for your company.

Watch the recording:

Interested in a closer look at Aircall and how easy it is to integrate with your CRM? BrainSell and schedule a meeting.