DocuSign signature with Sugar makes life easy

DocuSign signature with Sugar makes life easy

Many businesses require electronic signatures on all official documents to safely and securely conduct transactions. Companies that do so may also require those e-signatures to come from trusted and reputable services. Fortunately, we have DocuSign, a leading eSignature provider. And with its integration with Sugar comes the ability to send the documents for signature directly from the CRM.

DocuSign offers a very high level of compliance with security standards and eSignature regulations, including compliance with the ESIGN Act and is authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) for use in government agencies.

DocuSign for Sugar is the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. Fully integrated within Sugar, DocuSign helps users close more deals, faster. Your customers can sign contracts within minutes from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Send Document for signature from Accounts

Using the DocuSign Sugar integration, you can use the DocuSign's Template, Sugar's PDF templates or even choose a file locally to get the Signature on it.

Simply sign into DocuSign from within Sugar and use DocuSign’s drag and drop fields to populate your PDF document or form with everything you need. Send it off to your recipient and get it back in as little as a few minutes, saving valuable time and effort.

An advanced tip is to use "DocuSign field mapping" to get the filled values from the recipient back to the CRM module, giving you the ease of bidirectional data parsing and updating.

Docusign fields maping and template

Signing the document

There are other ways to use DocuSign for Sugar with minor customization as per business needs, including:

  • Signing contracts, invoices and work orders
  • Approving project estimates and change orders
  • Completing and signing leases and rental agreements
  • Signing paperwork for real estate purchases
  • Signing statements of work and insurance forms

Benefits of Sugar and DocuSign integration

  • Grow your business efficiently by digitizing legal documents, sales agreements, HR forms, & more.
  • Close deals faster
  • Reduce errors and improve compliance
  • Streamline workflow processes
  • Customization opportunities

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  • hi, it seems you have facility to add many contacts and users to sign in the other section (2nd image) but not when using a Sugar PDF template, which I think is a shame as it would be the most used option.
    Hope you will consider combining the existing feature to work with PDF manager soon.

    For now we'll just have to use the DocuSign options themselves.

  • Hi Tony,

    If you are talking in regards to the Quotes module at the moment it only sends to a related Contact of the Quote.

    However other than quotes, when you are sending a DocuSign Template, then based on the multiple roles (Recipients) you will be able to choose multiple entities from CRM (Accounts/Contacts/Leads/Users)

    With quotes we are using the Sugar's PDF template parse it and send it for signature. The PDF Template has a variable in it, which is parsed to the signature box while sending it for signature. We can give a customized solution where you will be able to choose the multiple contacts and another variable on PDF Template that will be for the CRM user to countersign.

    Please let us know if you wish to go through the Demo integration.

  • How many contacts can you add to require signatures on a Quote?
    Can you also have a CRM user added to countersign as well?

    I've see these features for Salesforce and Dynamics integrations, so hoping same for Sugar CRM.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Tony,

    The signed Document gets related to the DocuSign Envelope, Which is related to Accounts, Contacts, Quotes. If you wish to have them directly related to the Document module, we can customize it for you. We would be happy to provide you the Demo URL of the integration, please get in touch with us over email: or Skype: urdhvatech

  • Hi,

    is the signed Doc visible from both Account subpanel, Quote and Contact(s)?

    Thanks in advance