In order to provide optimal performance for procedure executions, it is necessary for us to temporarily clear a database table that holds procedure step execution debug data. In this maintenance process there will be a one-time impact that any stored procedure execution log data will be purged.

When a procedure execution fails or has debugLoggingEnabled:true (Reference1), these procedure executions will persist step execution data for 7 days (Reference2) before being deleted. When this one-time manual database cleanup is performed, all currently persisted procedure execution debug data will be removed.

For everyone's benefit, we would like to perform this maintenance as soon as possible. Since the Staging environment is for non-Production use and there are no predefined maintenance windows this will be performed this evening (Sept 15th). To ensure EU-Production stability we are planning this task in EU-Production in an expedited timeframe as well. We are planning to perform this action during the maintenance window on the evening of Friday September 18 MDT.

During this maintenance period, procedure executions will be queued so that no executions will be lost. They will, however, be delayed until the maintenance is complete. Procedure execution debug logs for the 7 calendar days prior to the maintenance will no longer be available.

If you need to preserve some procedure execution data then you need to take action now. Leading up to the maintenance window you will have the ability to retrieve and store procedure execution step values from the last 7 days that you may need access to for troubleshooting purposes. To access this information you can leverage the Platform API GET /formulas/instances/executions/{executionId}/step-values to retrieve all step execution values for a given procedure execution.


  • Staging - Tuesday, September 15, 8:00pm ET
  • EU-Production - Friday, September 18, 6:00pm ET
  • US-Production - No maintenance is needed at this time.