Action that fills in one field


I'm looking to implement an action in the context menu that will update a text field on the meeting record and save it. Rather than going to the edit view, I just want the option to enter in text that gets saved to the record. I do want to maintain the regular edit view too though. 

Two ways I can see to do this:

1. A complete custom view and hbs template with the one field.

2. Some kind of popup dialog. 

With 1,  what would be the best way to handle routing etc to this? I have some experience with customizing standard views, but not supplementing them.

With 2, I have implemented other action buttons that update the current record (record view), but not with an input dialog. This seems the simplest and I have the code to manage the action, the save call etc. I would just need to replicate it and add the dialog.

Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.