calling 'save' from an action button in a record view (not edit view)


I've added an action button to a custom meeting detail view - The plan is that it updates a couple of fields (checkbox, geolocation and a datetime field) and saves this back to the server. I used model.set() for this.

I had previously tried the and model.asyncSave calls but as, I assume, it was not in an edit view, it saved the initial values.

To work around this, I used API calls to update the server'update', App.api.buildURL(.....)) with custom sucess and error alerts.

However, it does mean corresponding listviews are slow to update and error handling for loss of internet service is problematic. Ideally, I'd like to use the call or similar. I'm afraid I do not want to bring up the editview. 

Any pointers on how to set up the parameters in detailview so this works?


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  • Hi - I did manage to get it to work in the end. So if anyone needs anything similar:

    var self = this;
    model.set('field1', 'new_value1');
    model.set('field2', 'new_value2');
    model.set('field3', 'new_value3');
    model.set('field4', 'new_value4');{},
                    "fields": ["field1", "field2", "field3", "field4"],
                    "modelBackup": model,
                    "relate": false,
                    success: _.bind(function (updateResponse) {
                  'message-off-id', {
                                    level: 'success',
                                    messages: 'Updated',
                                    autoClose: true
                    }, self),
                    error: _.bind(function (updateError) {
                            model.set('field1', 'old_value1');
                            model.set('field2', 'old_value2');
                            model.set('field3', 'old_value3');
                            model.set('field4', 'old_value4');
                  'error-of-id', {
                                    level: 'error',
                                    messages: 'Failed',
                                    autoClose: false
                            return false;
                    }, self)