Sugar Mobile Application : Modules not visible to Specific Roles for mobile platform


I'm trying to solve issue which related to sugar mobile SDKs.

1. I created a new role and add users to that role.

2. While login from that particular role on Desktop, All modules visible to user.

3. But While Login from Mobile SDK, only Account module is visible to user for that particular role. While by login from different role all modules visible to user.

4. I did not understand what exactly wrong happens to that role, only for mobile SDK.

Any Suggestion?



  • Shrikant

    When Sugar Mobile connects to Sugar server it retrieves a set of rules which governs which modules are available to user, what are user available actions: view, edit, delete, create, etc

    So in this case it is possible that server returned a specific set of rules for that particular user that only allowed certain modules to be visible

    I suggest you inspect /metedata and /me responses via Chrome debugger to see the differences between buggy user and correct user