How can read Inbound Emails?

Hi Everyone!

I have configured my inbound email with the next parameters, and the connection is fine, in fact I can already send emails from my Sugar instance, and they appear in the "Emails" module.

But I would like to know if it is possible to see somewhere the emails that the configured email received. 

I also tried to activate the "Email Archiving", but I received the next message:
"An error ocurred while trying to communicate with the Email Archiving server, and the service could not be enabled: Bad result returned by the service. Please try again or contact SugarCRM support".

Someone know's about it?

Thank you!
  • Hi ,

    This reply won't help but it might be good to know that only yesterday I also setup email archiving in our [Enterprise v11.1] production instance and it has worked perfectly... I can send a test email to the instances unique email address, and I also use the case macro (set in the gruop mail account section of admin), and the email is archived into sugar and seen in the Email module, like your sent emails.  If using the case macroa they are also related to that case.

    I also have a sandbox with it working too (with cron enabled, also with all contacts removed and all email addresses set to a test email!!).

     - So I suspect this issue may be worth you raising a case with support?

  • There are a few things to check, including your firewall settings if you are an On-Site customer:

    As for reading the emails they are received by a regular mailbox on your mail server, so you can ask your sysadmin for access and check them that way but you need to be careful not to mark them as read or the script that turns the emails into Email records (modules/InboundEmail/InboundEmail.php ) will not read them.

    We also took the additional step, in our on-site Test and Dev instances, of redirecting all outbound email from those servers to a test-messages email address so that we don't risk emailing customers from those instances by mistake.