View records only in same team

Hello friends...

I am tasked with our USA folk to only be able to view records within USA. 
Currently all records are Global Team and all users are in Global Team.

Beginning with Contacts module as this task relates to Personally Identifiable Information (GDPR here and also anti-trust in usa)

I have a report I can export for all contacts with a country within USA...  I can export that and then import it with the addition of Team ID & Team Set ID: this sets my new USA TEAM as Primary, global will remain for each record so rest of world fok can still see USA records - but this is the thin end of the wedge I fear and maybe more regionally visible requirements could follow :-(

That, I thought, would result in USA folk who are only in the USA TEAM being able to see only the USA TEAM contact records.  

  • BUT -  I can only see my test contact record (USA TEAM is primary) with my test user (USA TEAM only) when the test user is assigned to that record. If I assign it someone else and pop them into the USA TEAM then test user still cannot see the record???
  • Anything I am missing here?

Thanks in advance - it's quite urgent and a long story! But having spent ages cleaning up a bunch of data ready for this step I am now stuck...
Thank you for any help, Luke.

(Enterprise Cloud v11.0, soon to be 11.1)

  • Check your Roles.

    It sounds like the Role of your test user may have an "Owner" setting on Contacts that prevents them from seeing records Owned by others, even if they are in the same Team.


  • Hi , thank you...   

    This is what I have set for the Contact Module within my new Role:  'Sales Role (New)'

    In case that doesn't show up very well:

    Access: Enabled
    Access Type: Not Set
    Delete: Owner & Selected Teams
    Edit: Owner & Selected Teams
    Export: None
    Import: None
    List: Owner & Selected Teams
    Mass Update: None
    Record View: Owner & Selected Teams

    I read the documentation, but maybe I am misunderstanding something?

    My Test-User is in the USA TEAM only.
    My test contact record (Bilbo Baggins Wink) is Global with USA TEAM as primary.
     - But test user cannot see the record...  unless I assign the record to the test-user.

    I did also try:

    Access: Enabled
    Access Type: Not Set
    Delete: Owner & Selected Teams
    Edit: Owner & Selected Teams
    Export: None
    Import: None
    List: All
    Mass Update: None
    Record View: All

    But same result?

    Thanks again for any tips, very much appreciated.

  • OK, I think I found my mistake.   I previously also tried the 'reports to' on the test-user record.. to see if impicit permission was where I needed to go.   I had left test-user as 'reports to' me...  Clearing the reports to field means test user can now see my test contact record.   I will test a bit more before updating all the relevant records, but I think it works now.

    Thanks Francesca.

  • Just wanted to add an update - maybe this will help others who hit a similar scenario.

    During the Import (to update 28K contact records) while logged in as my test-user I could refresh the contacts module list view and see the visible USA team records increasing, all was well...   

    I then had a break and let it finish.

    When I came back to it my test user could not view any records at all!!   Not even my initial test one nor my test import of 5 more!   


    I retraced many steps with no luck. 

    Then I just tried removing the USA TEAM from the test-user and re-adding it - Bingo, all my 28K contact records from the import now with USA TEAM added are visible...

    What on earth that happened for I have no idea and also wonder if that was a similar thing before I even raised this question...  but there you go.  I hope it helps you if you find this.

  • That does sound confusing... When you import the records do you do so as Bilbo or as you?

    And do you explicitly set the TeamID and TeamSetID for those records?

  • I know it is odd... I was ready to throw in the towel to be honest! Grimacing

    Importing as me, admin, in chrome on screen 1.
    Testing on Edge as Test-User on screen 2.
    Bilbo is just a test contact, which updated via a test .csv fine.  Then I did 5 real records fine.  Then watched the amount of visible records increasing when the real import was underway (the 28 thousand records).  Then as all looked well I left it to finish...   Came back to the test user on edge to see no contacts at all!   Very weird.   Nothing changed.  I was not even there.

    Yes, I am setting the Team ID and Team Set ID explicitly to set Global team and USA TEAM (Primary)

  • I thought Bilbo was your test user, my mistake.

    So your Test user is a "Regular" user with one Team: USA TEAM

    You import the records as Admin with TeamID = that of USA TEAM

    and TeamSetID = a team set that includes USA TEAM and Global.

    Admin can see all the records (logical, they are not restricted by Team) but your Test user can see the records while they are being uploaded but NOT after the upload completes.

    But, it can see all records if you remove the USA TEAM from the user's Teams and re-add it.

    That sounds like something changes in the Team or Team Set after the upload is complete, and that confuses me.

    Are you on site? Are you able to query to view how the Team Set on the Contact record maps to the Teams you have defined and verify that the USA TEAM id is in that Team Set? 

  • Perfect summary Francesca.  Note that now it is fine (after that removal and re-add of the USA TEAM)

    Enterprise Cloud v11.0, soon to be 11.1

    The records are all updated fine regarding the teams

    I still have a process definition to create for when our automation user (used for API) creates a user, so until I get that done these contacts will not be set with the USA TEAM - which means I will have the opportunity soon to update some more records and will see how those behave after import.

    I will update here if anything comes to light.
    Thank you again for you thoughts and interest in this :-)

  • Are you using Team-Based Role Permissions?

    I'm on Professional so I can't play with this but I was looking at the  example for

    Here you see that

    Rick is East team and

    Philip is South team

    They have the same Role settings for View: O&ST (owner and selected Teams)

    The record example shows that neither owns the record.
    East and South Teams are both on the record.

    And it states: 

    • Rick can view the account because his team is selected for extra access.
    • Philip cannot view the account because his team is not selected for extra access.

    What confuses me is what is "extra access" referring to? The fact that the East team is Primary? Or the little lock on the side of the star that is open on East but locked on South?

    Could it be that your "USA TEAM" is locked on the Contact records?