Most Useful Process Definitions

What are some of the most useful process definitions that you have added to your business? Ones that changed the way you work and saved time. What was a game changer for you? 

  • The most useful we've introduced is the TimeLine in Sugar

    Along with an automated collection of custom logical key events on the TimeLine it does change the way users work - users and managers get the content they would like to be aware of and get it in the form of prepared conclusions, so that they may not spend time on combining and interpreting bunches of raw physical CRM data

    Let me show a real difference

    With TimeLine, the user may just read the conclusion e.g. about the event happened at 2021-05-06 2:00pm :
    "P1 Case #234 was closed for Tier1 customer with SLA Broken"

    Now, what raw data should the user deal with in case of no TimeLine?

    Let's make a list:

    1. Case status is Closed - user should check Case record to read this
    2. A number of hours the Case was opened - user should check Case record to read this (if some calc field for this is arranged in CRM)
    3. Case severity is P1- user should check Case record to read this
    4. Case status is changed, prev value is Opened current is Closed, DateTime of change 2021-05-06 2:00pm - user should check Cases record's Audit Log to read this
    5. Account Tier is Tier1 - user should check the Account record to which the Case belongs to in order to read this
    6. Contract type for Account is SLA and its version is 007 - user should check Contracts for Account whether any active SLA contracts there
    7. To read that SLA Contract for P1 for Tier1 customers in version 007 is 10 hours - user should check Contracts parameters for that limit for P1, maybe on a custom subpanel or dedicated Contract field
    8. To compare the number of hours the Case remained opened with a standard allowed 10 hours and make a conclusion - whether SLA was broken for this Case or the Case was closed according to SLA

    Please estimate how much time the user would spend on this in comparison instead of just reading "P1 Case #234 was closed for Tier1 customer with SLA Broken" on the Timeline for customer X.

    That is why we believe that introducing TimeLine and logical events in a form of conclusions in CRM is one of the biggest advantages for the way of working - it boosts operational awareness and cuts time users might spend on raw CRM data processing.

    In turn, the BPM processes help to automate, including awareness processing - e.g. to decide who to send the email with the subject "we are so sorry that SLA was broken for  Case #234"

    I hope this helps

    Also, I'd suggest moving this topic to Best Practices chapter because it is not about Sugar development but rather Sugar usage - SugarBPM is out-of-the-box and TimeLine is provided with TimeLine Viewer addon - no need to develop anything

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • Wow! That was an awesome answer! Definitely a good use for sure. I will also look at moving it. I was not aware of the best practices section when posting. 

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