How do I trigger a top button change from detail to edit?

I created a field type that will allow me to put a "Clear" button next to a textarea on record and create views.

When used in record view I can set the model to "changed" thus warning you have unsaved changes if you try to move away, but I've not found a way to switch the menu to edited, i.e. show the Cancel and Save options. I don't want to automatically save the change, I want the user to click Save (or Cancel).

Can anyone give me a clue on how to trigger the dropdown menu change?


  • I would have to play around with it for a while to figure out exactly what needs to be fed to what as I've never had to do what you are doing, but the handle-edit code is in jssource/src_files/clients/base/views/record/record.js either the

    handleEdit: function(e, cell) {


    toggleEdit: function(isEdit) {


  • Thanks for the tip, you set me on the right track.

    I created on change events for the textarea fields that are cleared by each of the buttons and trigger this:

      setEdit: function(){

        this.inlineEditMode = true;






    Works well!

    thanks again,