Number of columns in table

Hello Team,

We want to create 40-50 custom fields in the opportunity and case module. Is there any issue to have this?


  • Hi Pavan,

    There will be no issues with having the custom fields in Sugar.

    An admin user can create as many custom fields as they want using Studio in Sugar.

    But please follow some best practices like limiting the max length of text fields as per the field data. By Default max size of the text field is 255. But you can reduce based on the field data you are storing. This is good to follow because if you are using Mysql. it has maximum row size limit.

    Hope this information is helpful :)


    Poojitha K

  • Hi,

    That's true, and you have another limit of 255 column in MySQL table. That's mean that you can have only max 250 custom fields by module, but as said, if it happend, challenge the business team ;)

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