Locating the scroll position at start of the quickcreate form

When clicking "create" button in a subpanel, i want to put the scroll position (and page position) to the start of the form were the first field is. since yesterday and only in chrome browser, when clicking "create" in a subpanel, the scroll stays at the bottom of the quickcreate form and the user needs to scroll up, in order to insert data in the first field in the quickcreate form. the auto position of the scroll , on the start of the quickcreate subpanel, doesn't work anymore in chrome (sometimes it works for a while).

does anyone can direct me to the code that responsible of locating the scroll at the start of the quickcreate form?

i'm familiar with the community edition code (developer).

is it in include/subpanel directory? but where exactle?

using community edition 6.5.13