Create multiple choice field types

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Was wondering if anyone has ever created a multiple choice type field, either using radio buttons or tick boxes?

Similar to what we normally see during a survey.

Here'[s an example for radio buttons

or Checkbox type

Thank you in advance.

  • A very basic implementation would be the following:

    In the .hbs (handlebars of your view), put:

        <label >Option one <input checked="checked" class='radio-but' type="radio" name="selection" value="1"></label>
        <label >Option 2 <input class='radio-but' type="radio" name="selection" value="2"></label>            

    to create the HTML elements you need. You should leverage handlebars functionalities so that you don't have to manually fill in 10 HTML elements, but just create a template, and fill it up.

    In the .js file (the controller of your view), you will need to go into the _renderHtml function, and collect the value from your radio button and then respectively do something with it.

    _renderHtml: function () {

        $('input:radio[name="selection"]').change(function () {
            //do something with the selected radio option
            //e.g. console.log($(this).val()); will log the selected value

  • thank you for your reply Viktor 
    Is your method able to become a new field type available via Studio?

    Ideally, it would need to give choices so when you select this radio button type field you then have option to choose how many (between 1 and 10), and then if each should have a label/value.

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  • I would personally not recommend adding this directly onto the record view of a module. In my opinion, it is easier that you create a drawer that you can call from the record (or recordlist) view.

    If you mean whether it's possible to translate these radio button values into something in the Database, yes, that's definitely possible, I have a very similar set up in one of our custom modules. So overall I don't think this is a studio-friendly solution.