Make customization in email template which is used for Share calls and meetings

How can i make customization in email template, which is used to share calls and meetings. I want to add more fields in email template. But customization is workable to outlook or any gmail, yahoo. Even Email Client any one. 

  • You just dont have enough information there to allow us to help you.  Can you give us a visual aid maybe showing what it is you want to accomplish?

  • The "Share" feature on a Module Record View (e.g. Calls, Meetings, etc.). I have make some changes on that template.

    copy file from "/include/language/en_us.lang.php" and paste it into  "custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php"

    Add some custom fields within array element named as "TPL_RECORD_SHARE_BODY" and fields i have added is 

       'TPL_RECORD_SHARE_BODY' => 'Hello
          Please find below the {{module}} notes for: {{name}} from {{appId}}

          Related to Module : {{parent_type}}
          Record Name : {{parent_name}}
          Assigned To : {{assigned_user_name}}
          Created By : {{created_by_name}}

          Start Date : {{new_start_date_c}}
          Agenda : {{agenda_c}}
          Sub Agenda : {{sub_agenda_c}}
          Date Created : {{new_date_created_c}}

          Description : {{description}}

          Next Steps : {{next_steps_c}}
          Attendees : {{attendees_c}} '

    As all of us know within user profile > Email Settings > Email client have two options i.e. "External Email client" and "Sugar Email client". When i have set "Sugar Email Client" to Email client field. And i have try to share meetings record to the user 

    Go to Meetings module > Open any record > Expand Edit button option > Click on share

     Compose Email drawer/Model/Popup is open

    Email body Content is look like above image. I want to add this field to every new line. And that have to be done for mobile as well as desktop share meetings functionality.

    Can you please suggest me how can i do this.