How to send an image by api rest in the product module 

Could you help me? I am trying to load an image of a product in a field of type image, of a new module. 
The request is sent with Postman with the url
<sugarcrm>/rest/v10/prdto_Products/626bd424-5af8-11e9-9e4c-9829a662ce2a/file/tct_imagen_c It is a POST method but it does not load it. The body of the petition is {    "format": "sugar-html-json",    "delete_if_fails": true,    "oauth_token": "bf97f266-abff-4541-8c98-c90d926e95e6",   "tct_imagen_c": "C: /8801031544561_1.jpg"  #
this is the file path
THE response it sends is:
{ "error": "missing_parameter",     "error_message": "Attachment is missing" }

What is the correct way to send the image?

@matt marum*
Francesca Shiekh
André Lopes
Dennis Wangerin
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