How I can create my own view with my own style of layout ( not sugarcrm record view or any existing sugarcrm view )

Hello Forum,
I know there is so many genius available actively here and contributing sugarcrm to some sort of high level.I really appreciate that.

I want to create my own button action on any module's detailview that will open the totally different layout or view when some one click on that.Also when some one hit the save on that view it should be updated into my own table.

  1. Can we use the other tpl structure rather than hbs ?
  2. Can we include our own css library on that particular view ?
  3. How  we can manage controller for this new view?
  4. How we can pass php value to that new layout?
  5. How can we setup any onchange event on any field on my new view?

I know I have asked many questions but if there is any existing knowledge base that I should follow then even will be very helpful to me.