SugarOutfitters Developers: Update your Add-On packages to use ExternalResourceClient

Frequent Dev Blog readers should know that SugarCRM has introduced a new, safe, and reliable HTTP Client called the ExternalResourceClient that should be used as an alternative to PHP cURL and stream functions.

Many SugarOutfitters add-on packages use these deprecated PHP cURL functions.

All supported Sugar versions will receive the new ExternalResourceClient. It is available today to SugarCloud customers using v12.1 or greater and will be coming in the next patch update to v11.0 and v12.0 on-premises releases.

You will need to act to make sure you have published packages that can be installed into the latest Sugar versions.

We recommend that you keep your existing packages available for customers running older Sugar versions when appropriate.

SampleLicenseAddon Update:

Many Add-On developers have relied on our SampleLicenseAddon for implementing licensing within your packages. Up until now, that sample code has used PHP cURL functions. We have just published SampleLicenseAddon v1.9 which uses the new ExternalResourceClient.

If you have Outfitters licensing code in your package based on SampleLicenseAddon v1.8 or earlier then you will need to update your package to use v1.9.

Other uses of ExternalResourceClient:

We have discussed the topic of adopting the ExternalResourceClient across several different use cases during our Developer Office Hours with the SugarCRM engineering team.

However, if you have specific questions about updating your package then please contact for assistance.

Any other SugarOutfitters marketplace-related questions can be directed to