Nearly everything you need to know about the Q2 2020 Release

Hello Sugar Developers!

We have another release ready for you with new features and fixes! We are calling this one Sugar Q2 2020 (or Sugar 10.0.0). This release is for both cloud and on-premise customers. 

In March, we conducted a webinar highlighting the changes of Sugar 10.0.0. If you missed it, you can watch the recording or browse through the slides.

Here's a quick list of some of the features in this Q2 2020 release:

  • Field Label Placement - By default, record view field label positioning will be to the left of the field ffxing the “white space issue” on record views. This is a new setting in the advanced tab of the User profile. So, note that it is per-user and cannot be set globally.  In fact, this setting is replacing the labelsOnTop viewDef which is deprecated as of this release. Calls and Meetings do not play nicely with side labels. So, these record views may look a bit "off". If this setting affects one of your customizations, you may want to look at a custom css fix to override the side placement (as was mentioned in the release webinar).
  • Product Catalog module - The product catalog module is now available to all users OOTB
  • Edit Preview View Layout - Previously, Preview views would use the same basic layout as record views and could only be changed via a customization. Now, the Preview view can be configured in Studio to be unique from the record views
  • Leads Tile View - Tile View has been enabled for leads. A lead can be converted by dragging the tile to the Converted column. Note, it cannot be dragged out of that column (because a lead cannot be un-converted)
  • New Dashlets available for Ent - Ent now has the Record Dashlet, Interactions Dashlet, and Comments Dashlet available.
  • Relate Fields Denormalization - Relate Fields Denormalization is a Sugar administration tool that can be used by customers with very large database tables to optimize the database structure for faster sorting and data load of relate-type field values on list view pages. The denormalization process will copy the values of stock Sugar relate fields from their own tables into a text field (e.g., denorm_field_name) in the table of the related module (i.e. the parent table) via cron job. The new text field is then used for sorting in list views. Then, a logic hook will continue to monitor any value changes made to the relate field, the source field that the relate field points to, and to the linked record ID. The logic hook will also react to changes made to the relationship. 
    Note: While denormalizing the data will speed up sorting in list views, it may increase the time it takes to update records. So, you need to determine what is most important in your situation - faster sorting in list views or faster record updates.
  • Home Dashboard list limit - The maximum number of Dashboards that will display in the Home Dashboard List has been increased from 20 to 50
  • REST API endpoint deprecated - Currently, records with many SugarLogic related value formulas can cause the URI to become too long using GET, causing a 414 error. Therefore, the existing GET endpoint for the ExpressionEngine's related values API (/ExpressionEngine/:record/related) has been deprecated. It has been replaced with a POST endpoint of the same name.
  • Module Loader API - new REST Endpoints have been added for working with Module Loadable Packages. View the release notes for the specific endpoints and their parameters.

Check out the below resources that have the rest of the details.